Trick or Treat!

Trick-or-treaters are excited about a return to traditional Halloween activities in 2021. But remember that COVID-19 is still spreading in Toronto, and kids ages 11 and under, along with some older residents, aren't vaccinated yet. Precautions remain advised.

Outdoor gatherings remain safer than indoor parties. Keep your groups small, and wear a mask if you don't know the vaccination status of everyone you're with.

If you're trick-or-treating, avoid busy houses, or wait until another group leaves the doorstep. Wear a cloth mask as part of your costume (plastic and rubber masks don't count!) and remember to wash your hands before enjoying any treats.

Anyone giving out candy at home should also wear a mask and wash hands regularly. Stay outdoors if you can. If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, please don't hand out any treats.

Of course, regular Halloween safety tips also apply! Wear visible clothing, plan meeting spots in case kids get separated, and watch for cars making sure they come to a full stop before crossing the street.

Most importantly – have fun! We've been waiting a long time for this.