Vaccine Update – March 10

Again today, there were multiple announcements about vaccine distribution. We’re passing these on as we have them, bearing in mind that this is being unveiled very quickly, with some questions still having no answers.

Part of the confusion is who is responsible for what parts of the rollout. It is not productive to point fingers at this point, so I will simply say that the City is ready to deliver up to one million doses a month – if we get enough vaccine from the Province and provided that the provincial registration site gets up and running March 15, as scheduled.

We’ll provide a fuller look at what’s known about the vaccination schedule in Friday’s regular newsletter. In the meantime, here’s what’s new today:

Pharmacy Vaccine Pilot – Ages 60-64

A large number of Shoppers, Rexall, Costco and a few independent pharmacies in Toronto are booking appointments for AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines for people aged 60 to 64 as part of a pilot project in three areas of the province. This includes several pharmacies in and around Willowdale.

To book an appointment for a vaccine through a pharmacy, visit and input your postal code on the left hand side of the page. This will give you a list of pharmacies nearest you that are taking appointments, their contact information, and how to book a vaccine. To book with a pharmacy, you will need to be within the correct age group and have a valid Ontario health (OHIP) card or other form of valid government-issued identification.

It is highly likely that a very large number of people will be trying to book vaccinations at the same time.

Vaccines through Family Doctors Pilot – Ages 60-64

Almost 30,000 AstraZeneca doses have also been allocated for family doctors. If your physician has these, and if you are in the right age group, you will need to wait for your doctor to contact you.

General Mass Immunization Clinics – Ages 80+

Starting Friday, March 12, residents of Toronto aged 80 and older (defined as anyone born in 1941 or before) will have early access to the Provincial online booking system at

This will feed into the provincial registration, set to launch officially on Monday, March 15. Residents who already have a confirmed appointment in a Hospital-operated or Healthcare-operated clinic do not need to rebook – their appointment remains confirmed.

Currently, these appointments will be handled at the three city-operated COVID mass immunization clinics opening March 17 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto Congress Centre, and Scarborough Town Centre. As more vaccine is delivered to the City, we will open the other six planned clinics, including one at Mitchell Field. We won’t know what date that is until we know when we’ll get enough vaccine.

Through the website, eligible residents can book COVID-19 vaccine appointments by available date, time and location. You will also book your appointment for the second dose through the same process.

After the process is completed, a confirmation of the booked appointments will be sent automatically to you via the contact information you provide through the website.

To book an appointment through this system, you will require:

  1.          The information found on their photo health card

  2.          Birth date

  3.          Postal Code

  4.          Email and/or phone number