Watch Your Speed Pilot Program (UPDATED)

John recently met with the city’s Transportation staff to review the interim data for the pilot. In order to meet the interest and demand from all local schools, Transportation Services recommended rotating 3 of the 7 signs in March. Staff will be presenting a report to Council at the end of the one year study in the fall of 2015.  We look forward to that report in the fall in hopes of maintaining the use of these signs beyond the pilot period.

Update (September 2014)

I am glad to report that in August, City Council approved my motion to expand our local “Watch Your Speed” Radar Board program that I launched last year.  To date, we have successfully collected data from two locations in Ward 23.  With this program expansion I expect seven locations to be up and running by the end of September.  The success of these boards will again be revised in February with the three effective signs proving to be least effective moving to new areas.

Last spring, my staff and I met with parents councils of local schools to discuss appropriate locations for an expanded program. 10 local schools have expressed an interest with appropriate locations as reviewed by City Transportation staff.

Locations being deployed in September include:

  1. Churchill PS – Located on the north side Churchil Ave east of the school (same as before)

  2. RJ Lang – Located on the south side of Drewry Ave close to the school access (on the opposite side of the road from the pilot, which will be removed).

  3. Hollywood PS – South side of Hollywood, just west of Highgate

  4. Yorkview PS – North side of Yorkview, just east of Bevdale

  5. Willowdale MS – North side of Ellerslie, just east of Diagonal

  6. Cameron PS – North side of Cameron, between Radine and Walker

  7. St. Cyril CS – On east side of Beecroft between Hounslow and Kempford

Locations being deployed in February include:

  1. St Paschal Baylon/Pleasant PS – West side of Catus, just north of Moore Park Ave

  2. McKee PS – East side of Kenneth Ave, just north of Norton

  3. Avondale PS – South side of Avondale, just west of Dudley

This program is the first of its kind in Toronto and is part of my ongoing efforts to work with local schools to ensure safety in the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Original Post (Oct. 2013)

It is essential that students in our neighbourhood have a safe route to and from schools.  “Watch Your Speed” signs, which display the speeds of oncoming vehicles compared with the speed limit, have proven an effective method of reducing the speed of cars in specific areas.  The City’s supply of these signs is small and they are only available a few times a year for short periods of time.  For this reason, I am exploring the idea of acquiring additional signs for our community.  First, we are starting with a pilot project near Churchill Public School with a sign being loaned by Traffic Logix Canada.  If this pilot proves successful, as we expect it will, we will be working with local schools on a program to provide more of them throughout the Ward.