Water Main Repairs to Begin Across Willowdale

Starting later this month, a series of water main repairs is set to begin across Willowdale in the following locations:

  1. Anndale Dr from Bonnington Pl To Glendora Ave

  2. Bowerbank Dr from Deering Cres To Silverview Dr

  3. Deering Cres from Bowerbank Dr to Cushendale Dr

  4. Gustav Cres from Maxome Ave To 34 Gustav Cres

  5. Hilda Ave from Moore Park Ave To Connaught Ave

  6. Tanner Crt from Gustav Cres To the south street end

Water mains are underground pipes that deliver a steady supply of fresh, clean drinking water to residents and businesses. The pipes have an average lifespan of about 60 years and need to be maintained due to the freezing and expansion of soil around the pipes. If not maintained, the pipes can break, causing leaks, flooding, and even sinkholes.

If your property is impacted, you will receive a Construction Notice approximately two weeks before work begins with more information about the work. To learn more about these projects, click here.