What Phase 3 Means for Restaurants and Bars

Under the Province of Ontario’s Stage 3 re-opening order, bars and restaurants will be permitted to offer indoor dine-in service, as long as new measures are taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In addition to the current rules and guidelines set out by the Government of Ontario, City Council passed new by-laws this week to further ensure the safety of Toronto restaurant patrons. These include:

  1. Making sure customers remain seated except when entering or exiting, using the washroom, or paying

  2. Separating tables by at least two metres or having plexiglass or other impermeable barriers separating them

  3. Requiring regular cleaning and disinfecting of items like payment terminals

  4. Maintaining customer logs that include contact information  and date and time of visit to be used for contact tracing purposes and ensuring those logs are kept for 30 days

  5. Establishing protocol so that staff don’t come to work sick, and are checked for illness before their shift starts

  6. Limiting indoor capacity in restaurants and bars to a maximum of 100 people

  7. Limiting the number of customers who may be seated at the same table to a maximum of 10

These steps are being taken to ensure that we can re-open bars and restaurants, but also to ensure that residents and staff can remain safe.