Why We Should All Wear Masks In Elevators

We now understand enough about COVID-19 to know why the common areas of highrise buildings –  elevators in particular – can be dangerous places.  The virus is easily transmitted; it’s passed on by people with no symptoms; it can be spread through small particles that are emitted when we talk or breathe; it can  hang in the air for several hours in indoor spaces.  In short, the virus loves places like elevators.

This week, the Mayor and Medical Officer of Health asked all condos and apartments  to develop mask or face covering policies to cover all common spaces. The rules should apply to residents, visitors, property management staff, and any people working or making deliveries indoors.

I know that many condo boards and property managers have been on top of this from the outset. If these policies have not been adopted in your building, you might want to ask  why not. If I hear from a lot of you that this is a problem,  I would be inclined to introduce a motion at Council to require it.

To make it easier for building operators and condo boards, the City has crated signage that you can print off and display in elevators and common areas that you can find here.

Toronto Public Health has created guidance documents for commercial and residential buildings that you can find here – to help create best practices for your building.

– John