Willowdale Parks Summit (Updated with Survey)

At the conclusion of a successful Parks Summit, John has circulated the feedback form online for residents unable to attend this meeting.  If you are interested in taking action in one, or several, of your local parks, the feedback form is available here.

John’s office will be independently contacting residents that have expressed interest in getting involved and connecting them with other residents who have expressed the same interest in their area.

Original Post (January 2016):

Attractive and vibrant green spaces are a critical part of maintaining strong neighbourhoods.  A silver lining in our local building density is that it has afforded us the opportunity to create many new parks through developer contributions without burdening the taxpayers.  In recent years Willowdale has had a new park open virtually every year, including Gibson Park which opened in 2015, the still expanding Edithvale Park and the new Lee Lifeson Art Park which will open in 2016.

Parks can become even better when local residents commit to supporting them, whether helping to keep them clean, organizing activities to unite the neighbourhood or working collaboratively to plan new improvements.

Over the past year, John have been working closely with Park People – an independent charity working to improve and animate city parks by getting local residents involved – on a number of city wide initiatives including the Arts in the Parks program.

Another of their initiatives, the Friends of City Parks program, is designed to encourage stewardship and connections among residents.  This program has become active in our community with groups popping up in Dempsey Park, Gwendolen Park and Parkview Neighbourhood Garden.

John considers these groups a valuable community resource and would love to expand our local network to:

  1. Help keep our parks neat and green

  2. Liaise with our office and City staff on park improvement projects

  3. Establish neighbourhood connections through park events

  4. Partnering to continue Willowdale’s Movies in the Parks program

  5. Connect with other parks groups to bring great park ideas to our community

If you are interested in learning more about the Friends of City Parks Program and what it could mean for your local park, we invite you to consider attending our first Willowdale (Ward 23)

Community Parks Summit:

Thursday, February 11, 2016 – 7 PM Edithvale Community Centre (Banquet Room) – 131 Finch Avenue W

We will discuss some of the above initiatives, generate conversation around new ideas, and discuss how you can make a difference in your community.  Speakers will include Councillor Filion, staff from Park People, staff from City of Toronto Parks Forestry & Recreation department and Chris Nolan, co-founder of our local Friends of Dempsey Park group.

For more information e-mail councillor_filion@toronto.ca