Willowdale Pop-Up Clinics This Weekend

Several mobile COVID vaccination clinics are being held in Willowdale this weekend as part of the City's ongoing efforts to reduce the spread of the highly-contagious Delta variant.

Although the city's vaccination rate is high - with close to 79% of those 12 and up fully vaccinated and almost 85% with at least one dose - that still leaves more than 300,000 residents who are unvaccinated. It is thought that about half of those are opposed to vaccination or fall into the small percentage with legitimate medical reasons for being unvaccinated. But surveys have shown that another half are open to getting vaccinated but either want more information or just haven't gotten around to it.

If you know anyone who falls into this last category, please let them know about the following times and locations:

  • Finch Public School (277 Finch Ave E) – Saturday September 18 & Sunday September 19 from 1– 4PM

  • Hollywood Public School (360 Hollywood Ave) – Saturday September 18 & Sunday September 19 from 1– 4PM

  • Olive Square Park (5575 Olive Ave) – Saturday September 18 from 10AM – 12PM

  • Mel Lastman Square (5100 Yonge) – Saturday September 18 from 1-3PM

  • Yonge Sheppard Centre (Northeast corner of Yonge/Sheppard, in front of the building) – Saturday September 18 from 4-6PM

  • Avondale Park (15 Humberstone Dr) on Wednesdays from 4-8PM

  • Willowdale Park (75 Hollywood Ave) on Thursdays from 3-7PM

You'll need to bring your OHIP card, or another piece of ID, with you – expired cards will be accepted. If you do not have an OHIP card, you will still be able to get vaccinated. Nobody will be turned away.

Health experts believe that upwards of 90% of the eligible population will need to be vaccinated in order to provide some level of herd immunity - the point at which the virus subsides because it cannot find enough people to spread to.