Willowdale Residents Weigh In On Road Safety

Road safety is an issue John takes very seriously, leading to our office working actively with the City and community members to enact traffic measures that will make Willowdale a safer community for everyone.

Over the past year, City Council and the Transportation Services department have added to the list of safety measures under the City’s Vision Zero road safety program.  These have included laying the groundwork for introducing Photo Radar (which will launch in early 2020), doubling the number of Red Light Cameras in the city, adding new neighbourhoods to the School Safety Zone Program, adding new school crossing guards and reducing speed limits from 60 km/h to 50 km/h on arterial roads.

In Willowdale specifically, construction got underway on the community’s first protected bike lanes on Willowdale Avenue while John led the approvals of numerous new signalized crossing locations to make crossing busy streets safer for pedestrians with movement limitations.

On November 19th, John hosted an interactive town hall at the North York Civic Centre and on Facebook Live focusing on neighbourhood traffic safety. With input from a panel including TDSB Trustee Alexander Brown, Friends & Family for Safe Streets and the West Lansing Homeowners Association, the town hall was designed to gauge public support for various safety measures using live polling. Participants strongly endorsed lower speed limits, improved enforcement measures and more focus on pedestrian safety throughout the community.

John’s next steps will be to take these questions to the broader community both through his e-newsletter and in meetings with local community groups that may wish to champion lowering speed limits to 30 km/h on their local streets or look at other traffic calming measures. If you have a group of neighbours interested in championing road safety in your neighbourhood, we’d love to hear from you.