Willowdale Road Safety Survey 2020

Councillor Filion Looking for Your Input on Improving Willowdale’s Road Safety

Councillor Filion is working with residents and City Staff to develop a list of priorities and projects for the next 2+ years that will see a number of significant improvements to road safety in Willowdale. This survey will help Councillor Filion gather important insight and feedback from Willowdale residents.

This survey is also part of a series of virtual community conversations with Councillor Filion throughout September. If you have any questions then please contact Councillor Filion’s office: councillor_filion@toronto.ca or call 416-395-6411.

Survey below!


In addition, there are now available for request some “VisionZero SLOW DOWN” lawn signs available to you. Send an email to the Councillor, councillor_filion@toronto.ca, to request a sign.